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Official Screening

Sala Giardino
by Simone Massi

( 2022, Italia, 5')

Powerful, evocative verses by Italian poet Eugenio Montale are the thread that director Simone Massi uses to condense the last hundred years of Italian history into a series of animated videos. Few intense minutes evoke the darkest years, the worst failures, and the comeback of Italian society in a mix of literature and animation that can very well be called video poetry.

Simone Massi

Born in rural Italy, Simone Massi studied animation. His powerful passion for drawing and audio/video art inspired him to find a way to combine the two into one. His first animated movies have been self-produced. Once released internationally, they earned Massi over 200 awards, including the David di Donatello for best short movies thanks to Dell’ammazzare il maiale (2011) (lit. ‘on slaughtering swine’).