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LOOK AT ME_Potter_Fuori Concorso

Official Screening

Sala Giardino
by Sally Potter

( 2022, UK, USA, 16')

Inevitably, strife and misunderstanding take place when two persons so unlike one another meet. This is what happens in Sally Potter’s latest short movie, where an exuberant character – a musician – puts to the test the tolerance of his conductor. A professional cooperation aggrieved by improvisation and virtuosity degenerating in artistic duel.

Sally Potter

A Londoner born in 1949, Sally Potter approached cinema as a young woman, producing experimental shorts like Jerk (1969) and Play (1970). Later turned choreographer, theatre director, and performance artist as well as singer and composer, her international debut as a feature film director took place with Orlando (1992). Other films include The Man Who Cried (2000), Ginger&Rosa (2012), and The Roads Not Taken (2020), starring Javier Bardem. Bardem is in Venice this year with Look at Me.