Official screening

  • sunday, 4 september 2022
Sala Giardino
by Hanna Västinsalo

(2022, Finland , 109')

Hanna Västinsalo is a PhD in Molecular Genetics in Helsinki. She later decided to follow her passion for cinema at the American Film Institute Conservatory in LA. Västinsal made shorts and feature films, and the documentary Juhani’s Minimani (2018); this year she participates in the Biennale College section of the Venice Film Festival with Palimpsest.
Juhani and Tellu, a man and a woman who have nothing in common, are chosen for an experimental genetic treatment that frees patients from ageing and from the inevitability of death, a youth elixir that allows them a second chance in life. It’s the perfect occasion to repair mistakes and regrets, make broken dreams come true, face exciting challenges, and to forget the worst memories. Who wouldn’t want to? But nothing is for free…