Official screening

  • thursday, 8 september 2022
Sala Perla
by Fyzal Boulifa
with Abdellah El Hajjouji, Aicha Tebbae, Antoine Reinartz

(2022, France, Marocco, Belgium, 110')

Teenager Selim is induced by his mother, Fatima-Zahra, to resign his job as he is underpaid. Beyond Fatima’s exhortations, there are other reasons that will have consequences in the boy’s life. He is then forced to follow his mother from one town to another, trying to avoid the scandals in which she is involved. The arrival in Tangeri represents the starting point for a new and wished normality even though it won’t improve the fragile mother-son relationship, destined to get worse day by day.

Fyzal Boulifa

Born in 1985 in Leicester (England, UK) with Moroccan roots, Fyzal Boulifa reflects the dynamism of the cinematographic art: he is a film editor, screenwriter and director. He has debuted on the screen with Rate me (2015) and Lynn + Lucy (2019). The deep bond that links Boulifa to Morocco («Morocco inspires very different feelings and has very different social problems, so it is more passionate», Boulifa said) is clearly stated by his short film The Curse, set in Chichaoua, a small town near Marrakech, that gave him the Premier Prix Illy and the nomination for a Bafta.