Official screening

  • tuesday, 6 september 2022
Sala Perla
by Graham Foy
with Jackson Sluiter, Marcel T. Jimenèz, Hayley Ness

(2022, Canada, USA, 117')

Do cosmic bonds, supernatural forces exist and manage relationships between people? Or is each of us prisoner of an innate solitude? Can time and space be substitutes and witnesses of our memory? How can we face rejection, neglect, and the pain when escaping the abyss? These issues arise from the connected stories of two friends, Colton and Kyle, along with Whitney. Each of them shares the same time and space: a summer’s day, a river, a cliff under the railway. The death of the maiden and the discovery of her diary announce the beginning of a mystic, gloomy journey, among self deceptions, dreams, wonder and anxiety, parallel dimensions and the afterlife.

Graham Foy

Also known as Fantavious Fritz, he was born in Edmonton, Canada, in July 1987. Cinematographer and filmmaker, he has collaborated on the video for the R&B songwriter Charlotte Wilson’s single Work, which won the Prism Prize in 2018. He has produced several short films such as Kosmos (2011), Paradise Falls (2013) and August 22, This Year (2020). The latter was officially presented at the International Critics’ Week during the 2020 Cannes Film Festival. His last short, The Maiden has already won the First Cut+ TRT Award.