20 October 2024
by Redazione VeNews

More than 250 boats participated in the regatta organized by the Compagnia della Vela and co-organizer Vento di Venezia in 2022. It takes place on a course including a sea buoy in front of the Lido inlets and ends with a finish line at Punta della Dogana. A number of modern maxi yachts steered by professional sailors take part, as well as numerous boats of all types and tonnages from nautical clubs in the middle and upper Adriatic. Thus is renewed in Venice the tradition of the Marina da Diporto, which opens for a day the precious spaces of St. Mark’s Basin to the silent and sinuous paths of sailing boats. There is no other regatta in the world that can provide a setting of such charm: an arrival under full sail in the immeasurable beauty of St. Mark’s Basin, with the Basilica and Doge’s Palace on one side and the island of San Giorgio on the other. The Veleziana is a regatta that requires skill and knowledge of the discipline, given the mixed course between sea and lagoon, with accompanying changes in current and scurvy winds to steer.