1943, Borselv, Sápmi/Northern Norway
2021, Karasjok, Sápmi/Northern Norway

Of Sámi ethnicity, from northern Scandinavia, artist Aage Gaup was one of the founders of the Máze Group (owing its name to the town of Masi, Norway) which sought to set Sámi art free from Western stereotypes and influence, and to promote Sámi interests politically. Gaup’s art makes light of Western cultural staples such as patriarchy and war, while welcoming parallels with similar situations around the world, like the rainforest people in South America.


  • Let the River Flow. The Sovereign Will and the Making of a New Worldliness, Office for Contemporary Art Norway, Oslo, Norway, 2018
  • Aage Gaup: retrospective, Sami Artist Center Karasjok, Norway, 2014
  • Mázejoavku, artists’ collective, Masi, Norway, 1978
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