BORN 1974, Warsaw, Poland
LIVES&WORKS Warsaw, Poland

Grzeszykowska is an artist of the so-called “Raster generation” in Poland, associated with one of the most creative galleries in her country. In her works she combines photography, video and digital techniques to create metaphorical and symbolic narratives that explore the themes of intimacy, childhood, self-consciousness and self-annulment. In her works the artist likes to deconstruct her own image, disappearing or borrowing the identity of someone else, as in Mama, a photographic series in which Grzeszykowska replaces herself with a doll-sculpture.


  • Mama, Lyles & King Gallery, New York, USA, 2018
  • G?owa, Skóra, Twarz / Head, Skin, Face (with Zofia Rydet), Raster, Warsaw, Poland, 2017
  • Selfie, Raster Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 2014
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