Ines Weizman


WHERE London, UK
PEOPLE Ines Weizman (b. Leipzig, Germany, 1973)

The founder of the Centre for Documentary Architecture, Ines Weizman uses cinema and exhibitions to show the limits, the paradoxes and the theories that characterize the concept of dissidence, all the while exploring new frontiers for action. The work on display at the Biennale focuses on the extraordinary Joséphine Baker, who was fascinated by modern architecture and loved exploring the Mediterranean. A diverse point of view that allows a redefinition of the influences and cultural hegemony in the architecture of colonized Arabic countries.


  • Children’s Forest Pavilion, Lithuanian Pavilion (commissioner), 18. Biennale Architettura, Venice, Italy, 2023
  • Architectural Modernism in Erfurt and Haifa, Mbooks, 2023
  • Arquitectura Documental. Disidencia a Través de la Arquitectura, ARQ Editiones, 2020
  • Dust & Data. Traces of the Bauhaus across 100 Years, Spector Book, 2019