1917, Clayton-le-Woods, UK
2011, Mexico City, Mexico

A magnet that captured and appropriated the powerful ideas that made the history of the twentieth century and of her own life. She has been considered an icon of modernity, owing to her incredible life, and deeply feminist before anything else. Her art shows a plethora of different worlds by means of dreams, myths, exotericism, alchemy. To Leonora Carrington’s eyes, boundaries do not exist – anything can be turned into art. Although critics mainly consider her a surrealist, she never felt quite attached the label. For her, artistic independence was key, as was her very personal way of making art.


  • Il latte dei sogni, (The Milk of Dreams), Adelphi, Milano, 2018
  • El mundo magico de los Mayas, murale, Città del Messico, 1963
  • Portrait of Max Ernst, National Galleries of Scotland, c. 1939
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