Margarida Waco


WHERE Stockholm, Sweden; London, UK
PEOPLE Margarida Waco (b. Cabinda, Angola, 1992)

An Angolan architect who works at the intersection of architecture, research, publishing, and curatorship, Margarida Waco is, above all, an activist with an interest in the modern conditions of new colonialisms using the interpretation of what she calls ‘anatomy of ecological bodies’. Waco investigates the various geographies and specificities of the African diaspora. She cooperates with and curates “The Funambulist”, teaches at the Royal College of Arts, and her work has appeared at the Palais de Tokyo, the Malm. Art Museum, the Nyansapo Afrofeminist Festival, and in the Archive of Forgetfulness.


  • Counterpoints - On African Spatial Futures and their Entanglements with Global Capitalism, Archive of Forgetfulness, 2021
  • Sino-African Flirtations, Master thesis work, 2020
  • 32. Pan-Africanism, curated by C. Honorien, M. Waco, L. Lambert, «The Funambulist», 2020