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BORN 1967, São Paulo, Brazil
LIVES&WORKS São Paulo, Brazil

The Brazilian visual artist turns images into a structural piece of thought, which unfolds thanks to the use of different languages. Since the 1990s, Paulino has investigated themes that are little discussed in the Brazilian art world, like gender and identity, all from the point of view of a woman of colour. The artist introduces different reference points that collide with her personal story and with the history of Brazil. Her art protests misogyny and presents a privileged space of intersection with feminist thought.


  • Mulheres Negras-Obscure Beuaté Du Brésil, Espace Culturel Fort Griffon à Besançon, France, 2014
  • Rosana Paulino-A costura da memória, Pinacoteca de São Paulo, Brazil, 2018
  • Atlântico Vermelho, Padrão dos Descobrimentos, Lisbon, Portugal, 2017


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