Ninety-first minute

Las Leonas conquer Notti Veneziane
by Redazione VeNews
  • saturday, 3 september 2022

The off heart of the Festival, Venice Days and Isola Edipo show, with their Notti Veneziane programme, their ability to look Italian auteur cinema straight into the eye. How they do so? By keeping their home open to new directors, new faces, and making new and established talent meet. One example would be film Las Leonas by Isabel Achával and Chiara Bondì (Italy, 2022, 80’), screened today in world premiere at Sala Laguna, 9:30pm.
The film has been produced by Sacher Film in cooperation with Rai Cinema, and distributed by Academy Two. The story introduces us to a group of immigrant women, mostly South American, in Rome. They work as caretakers or maids. They have in common a passion for soccer, and the two directors follow them as they play for the Trofeo Las Leonas. In the film, we shall see their work, their views, their hopes and expectations, and their demanding everyday lives. Isabel Achával and Chiara Bondì (who also authored the script) give these women a voice. To run after a football feels, to them, like freedom. In that moment, the soccer field and the match are a chance for social redemption, which is hard to come by in real life.

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