Common people

An invisible enemy at the Notti Veneziane
by Chiara Sciascia
  • thursday, 8 september 2022

Stories that happen in any Italian house. Young, talented screenwriters and filmmakers Riccardo Campagna and Federico Savonitto reveal some of those in their upcoming film An Invisible Enemy (Italy, 2022, 75’), the private story of a family that has been fighting for justice for sixteen years, trying to piece together a wrongful death suit regarding Riccardo, who died while in custody.
The Rasmans, a family of farmers, is shocked when their disabled son Riccardo is killed by police. His ninety-year-old parents and sister Giuliana want to make sense of a senseless incident. As time passed, their trust in justice wanes, and they feel so persecuted that they almost get lost in irrationality. Part of today’s Notti Veneziane programme focusing on young auteur filmmakers, the film will be screened in Sala Laguna at 9:30p.

by Riccardo Campagna, Federico Savonitto

Notti Veneziane
Sala Laguna, h. 9.30pm
Public, free admission
Reservation required on

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