The Venetian Nights we love

The appointment in the Sala Laguna by GdA and Isola Edipo is back
by Redazione VeNews
  • thursday, 1 september 2022

The Notti Veneziane programme starts today, September 1, at Sala Laguna. The programme is the off space of Venice Days in cooperation with Isola Edipo under the guidance of art director Gaia Furrer and the participation of Silvia Jop. The goal of the programme? To render a complex, cosmopolitan version of modern Italian cinema and to show its diversity by fostering synergy between classical and experimental visions and between traditional and independent productions. Notti Veneziane embrace foreign cinema, too, all the way to the remotest parts of Africa, to bring on screen nine world premieres, each a courageous portrait of the modern world. It all starts tonight with Le Favolose, an irresistible, adorable portrait by Roberta Torre: a small group of trans people unite forces to make whole a relationship that looked irreparably damaged…


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