Photographic Treasures of the 20th Century
12 March 2023


7 January 2024

Matthieu Humery is a veteran French photography curator and a consultant for the Pinault Collection. For Pinault, he curated exhibitions HYPERVENEZIA of 2021, Henri Cartier-Bresson. Le Grand Jeu of 2020, and Youssef Nabil of 2020 – a veritable treasure trove of twentieth-century photography from the Condé Nast collection, recently acquired by Pinault. What we are looking forward, today, is CHRONORAMA, the upcoming exhibition opening on March 12 that will collect over 400 pieces to revive the photographical aesthetics of the twentieth century.The images acquired their fame after being published in magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, House & Garden, Glamour, GQ, and others.Parallel exhibition Chronorama Redux hired four artists, Tarrah Krajnak, Erik N. Mack, Giulia Andreani, and Daniel Spivakov, to create interludes with the main exhibitions.

The origins of modern aesthetics