Everything in its own time

The Barber of Seville returns to La Fenice Theatre
by Andrea Oddone Martin

The plot, the comedy, the musical verve, the celebration of Figaro’s cunning will be staged from 11 February at La Fenice, conducted by Renato Palumbo and directed by Bepi Morassi.

The year 1816 had been quite an interesting one. Johann Nepomuk Mälzel beat Dietrich Nikolaus Winkel ‘on a fraction of time’ and patented the metronome – which was Winkel’s invention. One of the first composer to make use of
the machine was Ludwig van Beethoven. in 1816, Beethoven composed his op. 101, the first of five piano sonatas that revolutionized the language of music and ushered in modernity. Also in 1816, Englishman David Brewster invented the kaleidoscope. In Rome, at the Argentina Theatre, the most brilliant, kaleidoscopic opera of the time debuted: The Barber of Seville by Gioachino Rossini. At the time, many other operas had been composed on Beaumarchais’ libretto. Out of deference for Paisiello’s opera, Rossini tentatively titled his Almaviva, o sia l’inutile precauzione. Paisiello’s claque boycotted the premiere, but since the second performance, Rossini’s piece was universally acclaimed as the best comedic opera ever.

Dal 11 February 2023
Al 21 February 2023