Top of the class

At the Fenice, the best interpreter
by Redazione VeNews

The energy of one of the world’s leading saxophonists, Chris Potter, for the flagship event of the sixth edition of Jazz&.

Chris Potter is a composer and poly-instrumentalist, often cited as the best sax player of his time and one of the few to leave his mark on a whole epoch. On March 3, Potter will perform at Fenice Theatre with Edward Simon at the piano, Scott Colley at the bass, and Nasheet Waits at the drums to present his latest work, Circuits of 2020: atypical melodies build upon full-bodied phrasing of diverse ancestry, sustained by a synthesized sound wall. For over two decades, Potter’s limitless creativity excited critics, fellow musicians, and fans. Circuits marks Potter’s return to rhythm, underground sound, and a vibrant panorama of electronic music.