GRENADA_Asher Mains, Empathy of Place, detail of the installation, mixed media, size variable, 2022. Photo by Susan Mains (2)
An Unknown that Does Not Terrify
Susan Mains
Daniele Radini Tedeschi
Cypher Art Collective of Grenada (Oliver Benoit, Billy Gerard Frank, Ian Friday, Asher Mains, Susan Mains, Angus Martin, Samuel Ogilvie), Giancarlo Flati, Identity Collective, Anna Maria Li Gotti, Nino Perrone, Rossella Pezzino de Geronimo, Marialuisa Tadei

The guiding idea of the Grenadian space is the reclamation of a right to diversity, to multilingualism, multiethnicity, based on literary sources such as the philosophy of Martinican author Édouard Glissant or Shakespeare’s immortal words. In one of the most outstanding moments of this performance, artists will stage Shakespeare Mas, a traditional, multi-ethnic representation of pieces from the Julius Ceasar that is usually done in Carriacou Island. This re-enactment represents a unique mix of elements from African, French, English, Scottish, and Italian cultures, exemplifying the process of cultural contamination.