History of Night and Destiny of Comets
Onofrio Cutaia, Direzione Generale Creatività Contemporanea - Ministero della Cultura
Eugenio Viola
Gian Maria Tosatti

A large, site-specific installation, this piece is a sort of aesthetical ‘device’ that involves different media – from literary references to visual arts, to theatre, music, and performance art – and daring perceptual transitions. History of Night and Destiny of Comets is an impressive vision on the present, balancing dreams, past errors, and future perspectives. The project is divided in a prologue and two acts, and will speak of the difficult balance between humankind and nature, sustainable development and territory, ethics and profits. The first part, History of Night, is a metaphor on the rise and decline of the great Italian industrial dream, from the 1960s to today, a model based exclusively on profit that engendered growth with little regard to local consequences. The second and final act, Destiny of Comets, is about the fate of humanity as it walks through earth over a quick and bright path without ever having been granted the privilege of living on Earth forever. The exhibition is a visionary, cathartic epiphany that will turn into optimistic, forward-looking motivation for possible change.



Eugenio Viola and Gian Maria Tosatti present the Italian Pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennial Art