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Official Screening

Sala Giardino
by Simone Massi

( 2022, Italia, 4')

A year ago, August 2021, physician, activist, and founder of ONG Emergency Gino Strada passed away. His voice, though, remains in the many recordings and interviews released over forty years of activism. Through these four, lightning-fast minutes, we will reflect on Strada’s reasons and on his humanity. A fundamental personality of modern Italy, this short film turns his thought into narration.

Simone Massi

Born in rural Italy, Simone Massi studied animation. His powerful passion for drawing and audio/video art inspired him to find a way to combine the two into one. His first animated movies have been self-produced. Once released internationally, they earned Masi over 200 awards, including the David di Donatello for best short movies thanks to Dell’ammazzare il maiale (2011) (lit. ‘on slaughtering swine’).