Official screening

  • thursday, 8 september 2022
Sala Giardino
by Lucrecia Martel
with Jorgelina Contreras, Daniel Valenzuela, Anavelí Acero, Ariel Gigena

(2022, Argentina, Messico, 11')

Eleven minutes sharp. Way too short a time to condensate the current and emerging themes on the topics of art and aesthetics. Martel tries, though, to squeeze it all in. The director compresses human bodies and the dance of cinema shapes and techniques in a single audio/video container. Camarera de piso is not only the tear in the life of a woman who, to help her family, takes on a job as a chambermaid. This is a cinema experiment where all actions, one after the other, run linearly in a time that is, on the contrary, discontinuous and fragmented as much as art can be.

Lucrecia Martel

A known filmmaker at the Venice Film Festival and jury chair in 2019, Lucrecia Martel was born in Argentina in 1966. A director and screenwriter, her most famous films have been La ciénaga (2001), The Holy Girl (2004), The Headless Woman (2008), and Zama (2017), the latter co-produced with Pedro Almodóvar.