Official screening

  • thursday, 1 september 2022
Sala Giardino
L'Origine Du Mal
by Sébastien Marnier
with Laure Calamy, Doria Tillier, Jacques Weber, Dominique Blanc, Suzanne Clément, Céleste Brunnquell, Véronique Ruggia-Saura, Naidra Ayadi e Clotilde Mollet

(2022, France, Canada, 123')

A luxury seaside villa is the backdrop of Stéphane’s family complications. Stéphane is a humble factory worker who is reunited with her rich father, Serge, after years of estrangement. Out of place in Serge’s world and intimidated by the women in his life, Stéphane – interpreted by Laure Calamy, the 2021 winner of the Orizzonti Award for Best Actress – creates a fake identity. Among secrets, lies, and suspicion, evil spreads undisturbed.

Sébastien Marnier

French writer and director Sébastien Marnier is known for School’s Out (2018), which had been an entry in several festivals such as the French Film Festival in Japan (2019) and the Festival du Film Francophone de Grèce (2019).

Born in Lilas in 1977, he graduated in Applied Arts in Montreuil and he later majored in Illustration and Painting in Amiens. He graduated in Cinema at the Paris-VIII University and directed several genre films, including porn. Marnier authored many short films, as well. The Origin of Evil will open the Orizzonti Extra section at the 2022 Venice Film Festival.