Official screening

  • sunday, 4 september 2022
Sala Darsena
by Pippo Mezzapesa
with Elodie, Francesco Patanè, Francesco Di Leva, Lidia Vitale, Brenno Placido, Tommaso Ragno, Michele Placido

(2022, Italy, 117')

The so-called fourth mafia, established in the Gargano region in southern Italy, is little known, but very dangerous. Two families, the Malatestas and the Camporeales, have been fighting a turf war for a long time. Their feud fires up when Andrea Malatesta and Marilena, the wife of the Camporeale boss, fall in love, a forbidden, impossible love that will mean war.

Pippo Mezzapesa

Pippo Mezzapesa (1980) is a juris doctor who taught himself film. He participated at the 2018 Venice Days programme with Il bene mio and at the 2008 International Film Critics’ Week with Pinuccio Lovero – A Midsummer Death’s Dream. In 2018, Mezzapesa won the Silver Ribbon for social work with another short movie, La giornata, on the story of day labourer Paola Clemente.


Amelio, Crialese, Virzì, Nicchiarelli, De Paolis, Mezzapesa

Elodie's long-awaited film debut in Pippo Mezzapesa's Ti mangio il cuore