Lido speaks Italian

Amelio, Crialese, Virzì, Nicchiarelli, De Paolis, Mezzapesa
by Sara Sagrati
  • preview 2022

There’s only one way to find out, though at first glance, the several sections of the Venice Film Festival list a good number of different points of view on modern Italian cinema – all names we know and love, and promising debutants. While some directors chose to tell stories from faraway lands, others stayed in Italy, with the goal of showing it to the world.

In the main competition, three great filmmakers who have a lot to say on the current state of affairs. In Il signore delle formiche, Gianni Amelio recollects the Braibanti case, a 1968 trial against a philosophy professor, accused of manipulating a young man. Susanna Nicchiarelli’s biopic Chiara is about the life of Saint Claire. With L’immensità, Emanuele Crialese takes us back to the Rome of the 1960s, the background of a family story starring Penélope Cruz. Out of competition, Paolo Virzì looks at a possibly tormented future: his Siccità shows what happens to the city of Rome after a three-year drought. And there’s much more in the Orizzonti section. Enjoy!


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