BORN 1941, Cleveland, USA
LIVES&WORKS San Francisco, USA

Visionary artist and director, new media pioneer, she has contributed with her work to legitimize digital art forms. Through video, performance, photography, installation, software and net art, Leeson explores the moral and ethical issues raised by a culture obsessed with technology and artifice. In addition to works that have become milestones in recent art history such as the fictitious alter ego “Roberta Breitmore”, brought to life in the 70s through performances and photographs, or the installation Lorna and A Room of One’s Own, Leeson signs several cinematographic works, including Teknolust (2002) with Tilda Swinton, which deals in a very fascinating way with the theme of human cloning.


  • Tania Libre, film, 2017
  • Lynn Hershman Leeson: The Agent Ruby Files, SFMOMA, San Francisco, USA, 2013
  • Olympia: Fictive Projections and the Myth of the Real Woman, Bitforms Gallery New York, USA, 2007
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