Saturday, 12 November 2022
alle 16:30

A new chapter is added to the listening path that Asolo Musica a Lo Squero, concert review with the artistic direction of Federico Pupo, dedicates to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Mario Brunello returns to the scene accompanied by the inseparable small four-stringed cello, an exact copy of an Amati from the early seventeenth century, with an intense and enveloping sound. After inaugurating the season at the beginning of the summer, the great cellist will try his hand at the second stage of performing the integral of Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin, an undisputed cornerstone in the history of music. To guide the thoughts and speculative investigations that arise from the scores, a reflection of a creative depth that releases worlds, imaginaries and emotions, also on this occasion the biblical meditations of the monk Lino Breda return to trace, in close dialogue with the musical narration of the composer of Eisenach, the possibility of links with Sacred Scripture in the context of a sort of “biblical story”.