Discover your personal strengths with The Human Safety Net
di Aurora Sartori

The Human Safety Net, a Generali Foundation that pursues the mission of unlocking people’s potential, invites you to discover its new ‘home’ at the Procuratie Vecchie by visiting the interactive exhibition A World of Potential.

The monumental spaces of the Procuratie Vecchie – Venice’s equivalent to Whitehall, or the National Mall, back in the days – have been reopened to the public over the last few months. They are also home to The Human Safety Net, the foundation maintained by Generali whose goal is to free the potential of people who live in vulnerable conditions for them to improve their lives and those of people around them. THNS programmes are in Europe, Asia, and South America. The foundation cooperates with other NGOs as well as private agents that share the same goals. To make their action and modus operandi known to the public, interactive exhibition A World of Potential is now open at the third floor of the Procuratie Vecchie.

The exhibition has been produced thanks to the contribution of renowned American psychologists such as Martin Seligman and Christopher Peterson and of Dialogue Social Entreprise co-founder Orna Cohen, and comprises a series of experiences that will make us acquainted with the values of creativity, perseverance, gratitude, curiosity, hope, social intelligence, and teamwork. These abstract concepts have been translated into sixteen multi-media interactive installations, both analogue and digital, by art duo Migliore+Servetto. The two artists know how to involve the most diverse audiences into a process of reflection and self-analysis. Part of the exhibition is an open space dedicated to Art Studio, which in turn houses CHUTZPAH – Una tenda che non è una tenda, animali che non sono animali by Atelier dell’Errore, curated by Gabi Scardi. The exhibit is a collection of site-specific art that interpret the themes pushed forward by The Human Safety Net and the values and strong points that are proper of exhibition A World of Potential. The exhibit is open to everyone who wants to free their potential.

Meeting with Emma Ursich, Executive Officer of The Human Safety Net Foundation


The historical Procuratie Vecchie will house The Human Safety Net