No escape route

Between dream and reality: the labyrinthine future of Peeping Tom
di Loris Casadei

The actors/dancers of the Belgian company Peeping Tom in Triptych move within sets reminiscent of a Lynch-style film set where the hyperrealist figure fuels a dreamlike universe dense with twists and turns, populated by figures and symbols that seem to spring from the unconscious.

The dominant color is electric blue recalling the upsetting light of Verbinski’s The Ring (2002). There are three parts: The missing room, The lost room and The hidden floor, set respectively in a hall full of creepy doors, in a ship cabin – even the audience seem to feel the pitch and the cold water coming in – and inside and outside an abandoned restaurant. The protagonists are eight dancers from all over the world, endangered representa- tives of the human race. The three parts seem to evoke a final moment of humanity, pervaded by fears and obsessions, murders, losses, reunions, tormented loves without a happy ending.

The articulated movements of the performers create a new graphic novel expressionism, recalling Pina Bausch’s lesson and the performance of one of the dancers is a clear tribute to her. She dances wearing the legendary 12 cm heel shoes in the name of the motto: “Body is a reality and nothing is possible without it, but you must know how to go beyond it”.
The choreographers are Gabriella Carrizo from Argentina and Franck Chartier from Roanne (France). She started dancing as a child and at the age of 19 she created her first chore- ographies. She performs as a dancer and a stage actor (Needcompany) all over Europe. Frank also began dancing at the age of eleven in Cannes and in the late 80’s he joined Angelin Preljocaj company, he works as well with Needcompany. In 2000 they founded Peeping Tom based in Brussels. The choreography The missing door (2013) consecrates them to international success.


50th Theater Festival of La Biennale di Venezia

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