Catherine of France

di Davide Carbone
  • wednesday, 31 August 2022

Catherine Deneuve and Venice know each other very well. Deneuve was awarded the Golden Lion for Belle de Jour (1967) – her Séverine Sérizy is still considered one of the iconic characters of cinema history – and the Volpi Cup for Best Actress for Place Vendôme in 1998. The 2022 Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement made her once again a protagonist at the Venice Film Festival. Catherine Deneuve is one of the very few non-American actresses who had been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress – the film was Indochine of 1992. The VFF celebrates her status as an all-around movie star, modest yet determined in using her public image and visibility for good social cause. “Catherine Deneuve embodied the essence of the diva and is one of the greatest movie stars of all time.” (Alberto Barbera)

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Catherine's five
by Luis Buñuel

Séverine is married with a physician, Pierre. Due to childhood trauma, she rejects her husband’s overtures. Only in fantasy is she able to allow herself to passion. A historical piece of cinema.

by François Truffaut

A tobacco farmer in the Réunion Island, played by Belmondo, knows nothing of the pleasures of life and love. He meets Julie (Deneuve) after responding to a personal ad. Three legends of French cinema for a memorable film.

by Régis Wargnier

1920s – Indochina is a French colony. Eliane (Deneuve) is a rich landowner whose only affection is for her sixteen-year-old adoptive daughter. The two women end up fighting for the same men when the girl falls for Jean-Baptiste, an officer in the French Navy.

by Nicole Garcia

The historical piazza in Paris, and the film’s namesake, is where the best jewellers have their shop. Marianne Malivert married one of them. He later finds himself in a bad position, and commits suicide. Marianne must sell a few very valuable stones, maybe ill-gotten. For her interpretation in Place Vendôme, Catherine Deneuve was awarded the Coppa Volpi in Venice in 1998.

by Jaco Van Dormael

God exists, and he lives in Brussels with a meek wife and a rebel daughter. His son, much more famous than he is, left home years before to meet humans from up close, die for them, and leave a testament to his twelve apostles. Catherine Deneuve is the fifth apostle: she sets off to eliminate from her life anyone who doesn’t love her and dedicate fully to herself.