Olivia Wilde

di Maria Casadei
  • monday, 5 september 2022

Olivia Jane Cockburn, a.k.a. Olivia Wilde, gained notoriety in the early 2000s for her roles in TV series such as Skins (2003-2004), The O.C. (2004-2007), and House (2004-2012). She debuted on the big screen with The Girl Next Door (2004), Alpha Dog (2006), and horror Turistas (2006).
Green eyes, sensuality, and elegantly magnetic, Olivia Wilde played all kinds of roles, from the wild and sexy young woman to the brilliant research physician. Her interpretations in parallel universes, sci-fi material, and dystopian stories (Tron Legacy, In Time, Cowboys & Aliens) surprised us, and made a name for her. Even more so did her ‘deeper’ roles in comedies and dramas that made the public meet a completely different Olivia. Since 2011, Olivia Wilde stepped up her game by directing a few shorts (Free Hugs, Wake up) before releasing her first feature film as a director, Booksmart (2019), a hilarious teen comedy that commenced her new stage of her career.



“Everybody treats me as if I’m crazy, but I’m not”. These are Alice’s words in Olivia Wilde’s latest film. Suspense, rhythm, plot twist, empathic tension, and narrat...

Olivia’s five
Tron Legacy
di Joseph Kosinski,

In Tron’s utopian universe, Wilde plays Quorra, a rebel, sexy, skilful, sweet character that turned the actress into a cyberspace icon.

Drinking Buddies
di Joe Swanberg

Friendship, love. An adult fairy tale, intimate and almost too real, shows the world of American beer brewers. Olivia Wilde plays Kate, the protagonist, opposite Jake Johnson, the Nick Miller in series New Girl.

The Lazarus Effect
di David Gelb

A well-made horror movie showing a team of researchers that finds a way to resuscitate people. This will unleash evil energies… Wilde’s character dies and is resuscitated into the afterlife.

di Reed Morano

Reed Morano’s wonderful debut film, written by Chris Rossi. Olivia Wilde plays Sarah, a mother who grows depressed after her son goes missing.

Life Itself
di Dan Fogelman

From the director of This is Us, the perfect couple Oscar Isaac/Olivia Wilde stars in a tear-jerking comedy.